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Indie Pitch Arena


The Indie Pitch Arena, held for the first time in Southeast Asia gives indie studios the chance to showcase their mobile game and battle out for the top 2 prizes, worth $2000USD and $1000USD respectively. With 15 teams from Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong and the US having qualified, hear from the most interesting and exciting indie developers in Thailand and the region!

Our Judges for the Indie Pitch Arena

Rating Criteria: 

User Experience: 

Judges will look at how the game plays, what features and modes are in it, how good the controls are, and how appealing or enjoyable/"addictive" the game might be.

- Presentation: 

Judges will look at the graphics, layout, sound, music, and overall look of the game.

- Originality: 

Judges will evaluate at how unique the game is, what makes it stand-out in terms of story, gameplay, features, controls, etc.


Indie Pitch Arena
MC: Mohamed Matough, Sr. Int'l Cooperation Manager, GMGC
9:30-9:50Opening speech
David Song, General Secretary, GMGC
9:50-10:10Keynote: The Story Behind What Led To Making Ranch Run, and A Few Tips On Making Games
Top Petapanpiboon, Game Producer, Infinity Levels
10:10-10:30Keynote: Booster Pack: Post Mortem
Kent Byers, CEO & Co-Founder, Booster Pack
10:30-10:50Keynote: “Inside Playlab: The 100 People Startup”
Jakob Lykkegaard, CEO & Co-Founder, Playlab
10:50-11:10Coffee Break
11:10-11:15Introduction of Judges and Rules
Sittichai Theppaitoon,Executive Director & Founder, GAMEINDY
Saiyai Sakawee, CMO, Mseed
Kent Byers, CEO & Co-Founder, Booster Pack
Jakob Nilsson, CEO, Game Plus
Preecha Praipattarakul, CEO, MOL Thailand
11:15-11:30The Clock Tower
13:30-13:45Marble Fantasy
NEET Forever Studio
13:45-14:00Captain Strike
Joy Entertainment Studio
14:00-14:15Monsters Go!
ThinkBox Studios
14:15-14:30Corgi Run
Bit Egg
14:30-14:45Just draw it!
Arklay Mountains
14:45-15:00War of Asteros
15:00-15:20Coffee Break
15:20-15:35Honey Snatch
Sandbox Global
15:35-15:50Rose Window
15:50-16:05JMOBA – Heroes
JSkill Studio
16:05-16:20Chaos Sphere
16:20-16:35Symphonic Puzzle
Geminine Studio
16:35-16:50Turbo Dash
17:00-17:30Announcement of Winners
20:00 - End

Official After Party

amBar Rooftop Bar at the Four Points by Sheraton

Address: Sukhumvit sol 15 (Across the Street from Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit)

Highlights from Indie Pitch Arena 2014 in Chengdu, China

Date & Time

2015-01-23 09:00 - Start

2015-01-23 17:30 - End

Location & Venue
  • Thailand Bangkok
  • Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit · 250 Sukhumvit Road · Bangkok 10110 · Thailand
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